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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Rhubarb and custard along with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips and the full English breakfast is another iconic British dish.

British Rhubarb

Ex-Yorkshire and English cricketer Geoff Boycott could bat with a stick of it on flat wickets, people talking nonsense are accused of spouting "rhubarb" and extras in dramas and films are said to mumble it to mimic inaudible speech.

This much maligned vegetable (though classed as a fruit in the USA) is a healthy addition to anyone's diet. Most often served as a dessert with custard or made into a sweet pie with sugar, rhubarb has a mild laxative effect.

Rhubarb is good for you

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Friday, March 22, 2013

199 Bus From Manchester Airport to Buxton

A useful bus running from Manchester Airport bus terminal to Buxton in Derbyshire via Stockport, Disley, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith is the High Peak #199 Skyline service.

The #199 to Stockport express bus leaves Manchester Airport and travels on the M56 and M60 motorways and then to Stockport Bus Station and along the A6 to Stepping Hill Hospital, stopping near The Crown pub, Hazel Grove, New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel en-le-Frith and finally Buxton.

199 Bus From Manchester Airport to Buxton

On Mondays to Saturdays the first bus leaves Dove Holes for Manchester Airport at 3.40am arriving at Manchester Airport at 4.40am. The first bus from Market Place in Buxton departs at 4.30am arriving at 5.40am at Manchester Airport.

The first bus from Manchester Airport leaves for Stockport Bus Station at 4.45am and then at 30 minute intervals to Stockport Bus Station or Buxton. The last bus from Manchester Airport is at 11.15pm to Doves Holes High Peak Bus Station.

There are reduced services on Sundays. The fare is a very reasonable 2.50 GBP from Stepping Hill to the airport.

See here for a complete list of buses from Manchester Airport.

Track your arrivals and departures from Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport
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Manchester Airport
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