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Friday, March 6, 2009

Teignmouth Pier

The historic Teignmouth Pier in Teignmouth, Devon, dates from the mid-nineteenth century. 1865 was the year work started on the 212m (700 feet) structure, which was completed in 1867.

Teignmouth Pier

Designed by JW Wilson, the pier divides the Teignmouth beach nearly equally in two. In strait-laced Victorian times, this was convenient for separating men's and women's "bathing machines" - roofed and walled wooden carts rolled into the waves for people to swim from - in a decorous fashion.
Men's machines were located to the west, women's to the east of the pier. A modern day version of the bathing machine (minus the wheels) is probably the more static beachhut (pictured below).

Teignmouth beach huts

A feature of the entertainments on offer from the Victorian era pier were excursions in small steam boats, some as distant as Plymouth and Weymouth. The steel tug boat seen below was built in 1928 by J. Pollock, Son & Co. Ltd. at Faversham and is still going strong today.

Steam tug Barking

Modern day amusements on the pier are the usual trad shops, kids' rides, and a go-karting track.

Images © David Beech & Devon Visitor

Teignmouth is connected by local bus and train to Exeter and Torquay. The train takes 30 minutes to Exeter and 20 minutes to Torquay. Bus times are an hour to Exeter and 30 minutes to Torquay.

Teignmouth Tourist Office
Tel: 01626 215 666
Located on "The Den"

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